Deontay Wilder: The Bronze Bomber

Deontay Leshun Wilder Who is he?

American world heavyweight champion and bronze medal holder in  heavyweight division at Olympics in the year 2008 Deontay Wilder and never losses a single fight till now. He is none other than then Deontay Leshun Wilder known by the nick name of “bronze bomber” He was born in October 22 1958.The man with height 6 ft. 7 inches never losses a fight he have fought total 40 fights win with knock out are 39

The beginning of career

At the age of 19 Deontay Wilder  started boxing training under Jay Deas. Wilder from sky boxing gym located in Northport . His passion lead him to defeat highly touted cadet world champion Iaiah Thomas, southpaw and David Thompson. Later at the US championship he defeated Quantis Graves and won the final 31–15 over southpaw James Zimmerman of San Jose, Calif.

His career best wining was with the world championships silver medalist Rakhim Chakhiyev in Russia. Then he qualified by defeating  Deivis Julio 6:5 Jorge Quinones from Ecuador on double countback and Brazilian Rafael Lima 6:5 at the qualifier.

Personal life of Deontay Wilder

His dream was to play for his country as a footballer for his country but he focus on boxing career after grade issue and her daughter suffering from spina bifida. Deontay wilder was married to Jessica Scales-Wilder in 2009 with whom he had two daughter and two sons. He is currently expecting a child with Telli Swift,

Deontay Wilder wins

Fights Win by Time Round
Wilder vs Luis Ortiz Tko 2:05 10
Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne Ko 2:59 1
Wilder vs Gerald Washington Tko 1:45 5
Wilder vs Artur Szpilka  Ko 2:24 9
Wilder vs Johann Duhaupas Tko 0:55 11
Wilder vs Éric Molina Ko 1:03 9
Wilder vs Siarhei Liakhovich  Ko 1:43 1
Wilder vs Audley Harrison Tko 1:10 1
Wilder vs Matthew Greer


Tko 1:16 2
Wilder vs Kelvin Price


Ko 0:51 3
Wilder vs Michael Sprott


Tko 1:26 1
Wilder vs Damon McCreary


Ko 0:55 2
Wilder vs. Kertson Manswell Tko 2:10 1
Wilder vs. Jesse Oltmanns Tko 0:33 2
Wilder vs Marlon Hayes Tko 3:00 4
Wilder vs. David Long


Tko 1:17 4
Wilder vs Daniel Cota


Ko 2:55 3
Wilder vs. Damon Reed


Ko 1:59 2
Wilder vs. Ty Cobb


Ko 0:33 1
Wilder vs. Charles Brown


Ko 0:55 1
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