UFC 224: Nunes Vs Pennington Main Card PPV Preview & Highlights

Are you Ready for the main event Nunes vs Pennington this week on UFC 224. Who will immerse in the taste of defeat? UFC 224 is ready to set at Brazil at Rio arena. Nunes is the emerging star of the ultimate fighting championship is ready to fight against beast Pennington.

With the patience fighting techniques Pennington has four winning streaks. The rock hands & brutal power is enough to over-whelm opponent once she grab the chance. Nunes is the “tigress” with the killing skills that are furnishing day by day. The Fight would be quite interesting.

Betting Odds:

It would never be easy to fight against Nunes. With such experience Nunes hold four TKO in her career while the TKO/KO percentage of Pennington is only 16%. But it does not mean she is a piece of pie. My bet is on Nunes, Pennington its time to break your winning streaks, its champ whom you are dealing with.

Other Main Cards:

  1. Souza Vs Gastelum
  2. Dern Vs Cooper
  3. Lineker Vs Kelleher
  4. Belfort vs Machita

The main cards will start from 10 P.M Eastern time.

UFC 224 Pay-Per-Veiw

UFC 224 is going to be more interesting & entertaining than the people are expecting. You can watch the complete fight on UFC PPV & get all the live updates from fox in Fight trax. Pay per view price in HD is     $ 34.99.  Date: 12th May, 2018

Souza vs Gastelum in UFC 224 is the fight worth watching besides Nunes vs Pennington. Gastelum is very good fighter & i bet he would easily crush his opponent.

UFC 224 Tickets:

Tickets of UFC 224 will soon be available online as fight is on 12th May. Grab your tickets early if you don’t want to miss the fight. Get Tickets

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